Monday, 29 April 2013


Perfect Character A Delusion or Reality
In the novel Animal Farm, the hope for a better world remains unattainable. Even with the change of governance, the animals are eventually mistreated. How is it possible that the longing for good can turn awry when the person is in power for long?
In the case of Okonkwo, he is not painted as someone who is without fault. In fact, he is in many ways a tragic hero. Neither is he a person who is evil despite his part in killing Ikemefuna. Based on your understanding of him in the novel, reflect on the following questions:

How has Okonkwo been a figure of inspiration and disappointment to his people?

What are the characteristics of Okonkwo that you can find in your nation's leader?

In my opinion, a perfect character is something that everyone strive for in real life. It is not delusional because from religious aspect, all God's creations are perfect. Your perspective determine your perception on perfection.

For Okonkwo case, he is the leader of his community. In a community, they listed a list on how a leader should behave. For example, responsible, brave, intelligent and etc. Thus, Okonkwo are bound to this character and despise his father for not being all of the above. He also doesn't accept failure as a part of life. Okonkwo has been a figure of inspiration for his community, until he commits murder (Ikemefuna). From that day onwards, his society has change their outlook on Okonkwo.

Okonkwo's characteristics are brave, outspoken and never gives up for his people. In this way, I think the minister of Terengganu, Ahmad Bin Said, portrayed all the characteristics. He is the current minister for Terengganu. In my opinion, he never gives up to improve the economic state of Terengganu.

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