Monday, 29 April 2013



             Based on what I have read in Things Fall Apart, the Igbo culture allows the British to take over through the aspect of openness. They allow the British to come to their land with nothing they do to stop them. Another aspect is they believe so much in their culture beliefs. They think that by letting the British build the church in the Evil Forest, all of them will get rid but they are wrong. Starting from that, the British slowly take over their land. Although I am not from Sarawak but I can see how the colonisation has affected the multiple tribes and culture in Sarawak. Firstly, it is about Christianity. Because of the colonisation by the British, most of the people of the tribes in Sarawak are Christian and I think this religion is the religion of highest number of followers in Sarawak. Not just that aspect, the consequence from the colonisation brings the English language to this land of hornbill. Old folks in this country can speak English fluently than the youngsters nowadays. So here it means that English came first before Bahasa Melayu. They master the English language first before they could master Bahasa Melayu. For this part I think it is a little bit hard. But what I can tell is they are slowly leaving the old culture because of the colonisation and globalisation. We can see that they understand about knowledge and how knowledge can bring them to a better future.

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