Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Things Fall Apart which was written by an African writer Chinua Achebe is a good novel for people to read as there are messages, ideas, values and cultures that it conveys to the reader. I have studied the novel and I found that the novel is an excellent work of literature that had been published. In the novel, Okonkwo was the main character or protagonist and he was an Igbo tribe man. The British came to the village and colonize the Igbo people; bringing the new culture, lifestyles and religion to the Igbo villages. The British had influenced the colonized villages in many aspects and the Igbo people are not expected to go against them. During the colonisation, although the Igbo people had shown the British people some rebellions, the people seem to allow some changes to happen to their culture indirectly. For example, after the British people came, the British promise them there will be development made and perhaps school will be provided for them. The Igbo people allow the changes to come in the aspects of their economy because they only depend on growing yams. Sarawak was once colonised by Rajah Brooke and I think the culture are not affected by the colonisation. This is because the cultures that are being practiced from the past are still being practiced now. Colonisation brings changes mainly in the economy of the natives but did not affect the cultures. This is because the people of Sarawak seem to welcome the colonist to rule them. As a whole, we can see that the lives of the indigenous tribes in Africa and Sarawak changed a lot in the aspect of economy. This is because the land of the natives perhaps have a lot of resources for commerce and that is what the colonist take advantage of and indirectly change the system of economy of the people from barter or other traditional trading system to something bigger to import and export activity.


  1. this is good, the way you see the colonisation's effects is interesting. but somehow i do think that changes on culture did happened due to the event. perhaps some more reading and obseving should be done in order to improve this reflection. keep up the good work.

  2. I have re-post the improvised version of the reflection in Week 5. I hope you can refer to my examples which are added.


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